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Haromoni@ [#028] 2007.10.14

1. Morning Musume vs Super Chibikko King Ping Pong Girl.
2. Bread making competition
3. A visit to the Kira Rebo Mangaka 漫画家 office.

Here's this week's show with Morning Musume minus 2 and the Super Chibikko King PingPong Girl. Her name is Mirano Miu-chan, 7 years old.

The girls reactions to their new nightmare.

Miu-chan's achievements in ping pong aka table tennis.

The rule for this game. They will play 5 sets. To end each set, Miu-chan will have to collect 5 points while Morning Musume Team will only need to have 1 point (handicap #1). However, either Miu-chan or MM Team will only have to win 3 sets to win the game.

The first set with Tanaka "crosseyes" Reina. The ball hit by Reina miraculously landed on Akachin.

Miu-chan won the first set. "Piisu ofu keeki..."

Now for the second set with handicap #2 where Miu-chan will have to play against 7 members of MM team altogether, with JunJun will be at the back of the 6 members. Actually she's so big that putting her in front might hurt other member XD.

They failed. Even JunJun cannot help them.

The 3rd set with handicap #3 where Miu-chan will only have a small part of table to land her ping pong ball. But before the match she had this "control check" where she hit a small Akachin picture perfectly.


The match with Sayumi. After each point lost, MM Team will change their player (handicap #4)

Next Reina and then Ai-Chan.

Kamei and finally JunJun.

Next was a rabbit monomane by Reina (punishment after lost 3 sets?). However it was very cute of her.

Next another handicapped match where Miu-chan will have to use these items as her ping pong bat.

JunJun took the banana and she ate it. Ai-chan laughed while Risa and Sayu expressed their dissatisfaction at the crews for having only one banana on the set while there's 7 of them XD.

So, Miu-chan chose the slipper as her bat and she faced Sayumi and Reina.

Sayu was very funny.

Miu-chan finally won a "furuto mazeri-".

Next was the "kora Musume" segment. This time they went to a bakery.

"We need Morning Musume to increase our sales"

MM food testing and they bake their self-made breads.

Their uniquely-shaped bread doughs which finally turned out to be just a normal bread.

They have these 3 kids to judge which bread is the best. They are some child-actors that failed the audition in the movie "The Pan's Labyrinth" XD. (Get it? Pan=bread in Japanese).

JunJun's Candy Bread

Risa's Popcorn Bread.

LinLin's Watermelon Bread. The judges were "speechless".

And finally, Kamei's Umeboshi Bread which shocked the judges.

So to determine which bread is the best, the judges will stand in front of their favorite bread.

All three of them stand in front of Kamei.

Tasted her own bread.

So the next day or a few days later Kamei went to a bread stall which sells her Umeboshi breads.

Kamei will try to sell her own bread. First he met a group of tourist/foreigners which she just addressed by "Hey... hey hey hey" XD.

It was good.

And finally she managed to sell all of her bread. Thanks to some wotas which were not included in the show.

The second part of the koraborashion segment, they had a visit to the mangaka/animator office of Kirarin Revolution where they saw how the anime was drawn.

And the competition for neko design for the Kira Rebo, still opens.

The End... finally.

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