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Haromoni@ [#021] 2007.08.26

Today's show is the Natsu Matsuri special. Each of the Morning Musume member will bring either a cuisine or a toy which can be found only on their hometown. However, there will be fake items so the guest will guess which one is it.

So here's the all the group members wearing yukatta for the summer festival. A map with the territories which the came from and the items brought. The 9 girls were separated into 2 groups. The first group will bring unique food from their hometown and the other team will bring some toys.

The guest for today was the manzai group "The Touch" which consists of a twin.

Ai-chan with tomato curry, Mitsui with salad bread, Koharu with "Italian" and Risa with Banana Gyoza.

Roughly, the twin choose, Ai-chan's tomato curry and Risa's banana gyoza.

Ai-chan presenting her tomato curry and eating it to show that she's very familiar with it.

Mitsui Aika with her salad bread.

Koharu presenting her "Italian" which is a local fried noodle topped with spaghetti sauce which makes it so Italian XD.

Risa and her banana gyoza.

So the twin finally chose Ai-chan's Fukui tomato curry as the fake cuisine. Ai-chan smiled like she lost already.

But unfortunately, the answer given was wrong.

Which means Morning Musume team won the first game. They showed local Fukui magazine that featured tomato curry in it.

So the twin was given another chance just to see which one is fake. So they chose Mitsui's but still, the salad bread can be found in Mitsui's Shiga Prefecture.

Then they chose Koharu's Italian and still they got it wrong. There's one shop selling the noodle.

The fake food was Risa's banana gyoza.

Here's the second round with the other 5 girls, with JunJun and LinLin representing China.

Unfortunately I can't read Kanji except for Reina's "champon", and JunJun and LinLin's po-shinchien.

They roughly chose Sayumi's blowfish doll as the fake item.

Here's Reina with her Champon, which makes unique sound when someone blows it.

Sayumi with her weird blowfish doll.

Kamei with her monkey-on-pole toy, with a very nice demonstration from here >.<.
Again, another demonstration from her since everyone likes her eyes crossed.

And finally, JunJun and LinLin's bird-shaped scissor.

The Touch chose Eri's monkey on pole as the fake item. But they got it wrong.

Which means Morning Musume won the game again.

Here's the shop that sells it with the auntie that makes the toy. She's old.

The right answer is Sayumi's blowfish, which they chose roughly before.

The other item which is available inReina, JunJun and LinLin's hometown.

They argued on their decisions and started a fight...

...which ended in a strange pose. So that's all for this week.

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