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Haromoni@ [#025] 2007.09.23

Now that's what I call lame.

This week line up with a guest that impersonates Sayumi's Usa-chan peace which makes her goes nyaaaaa~

After some talk, the viewers were treated with everyone's eyeball.

Basically one of these food are fake.

So here's everyone giving facts on their foods.

The first impression was LinLin

Tasting their foods.

Second impression was everyone except JunJun.

So she's going to analyze everyone through their acting given a situation.

The result.

Downed to Reina and Sayumi.

Food tasting again...

The judgement part. She chose Reina.

The answer is wrong so MM won the game.

The correct answer should be Sayumi's.

A monomane of an obachan.

Next week's Chibbikko Queen segment.

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