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Haromoni@ [#034] 2007.11.25

Skip the first segment and watch the 2nd segment instead.
If you want to watch the 1st segment watch only Linlin.

Today's Haromoni@ with all of Morning Musume member and these two guest in the Usotsuki Queen segment.

The guest will compete against Reina, Risa, LinLin and Koharu only. The girls will eat Korean dishes and one of them is fake (Actually I skipped on what do they were going to lie about xD).

Reina's and her dish.

Next was Koharu.

Linlin and the best part was when she got caught reading the description from the kanpe (script) by the guest.

Risa's and her typical reaction when eating.

Buta! xD no it was cute.

First impression: Koharu.

And Linlin was picked but it was wrong and Morning Musume won.

It was a trick by LinLin. There was nothing written in her script card.

If they chose Koharu which was on their impression, they might won.

Next was the KiraRebo Collaboration segment. Last week they went to the winner's house and gave the name for the character. Today they will play a game. There was 7 cans of helium. One of it does not contain helium. Each member will inhale and say something since they will have fake voice. The member who inhale non-helium will have her voice unchanged and won the game. She will also be the voice actor for the new character. (A big prize to be won).

A demonstration by the cabbage man.

First to go was Reina. (For the first segment she sat on the first table , and for this segment she also the first one. She must be complaining about last week episode where she was the last person on the table and had nothing on the menu).

Next, the leader.

Next, Sharon Stone.

Ninja Turtle.

And then Mittsi.

She got her voice unchanged which mean she took the right can and won the game. She's going to be the voice actor for the character...

Since everybody wants to hear Linlin and Risa's "heliumed" voices, they continue the game.
(Linlin and her "Bacchiri desu" thing...)

Performance of Berryz Koubou - Tsukiatteirunoni Kataomoi.


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