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Haromoni@ [#038] 2007.12.23

vlcsnap-00003.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by
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Thank you Tsunku for having LinLin in Morning Musume. XD

This week Haromoni@ Christmas Special and the first segment was the Equality/Evenness Viking. The guest was Brother Tom. Let's call him Tom, shall we?

Opening the show with a funny and entertaining act was LinLin. So give a loud applause to her.

vlcsnap-00006.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00011.jpg, hosted by
Like the past episodes of equality viking they have to share the food given. The amount of food taken must be around a certain value. (Total combined weight/number of person = win). The menu was seafood lasagna.

Brother Tom took his share.

vlcsnap-00015.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00016.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00018.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00020.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00019.jpg, hosted by
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Then it was everyone else's turn.

vlcsnap-00024.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00025.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00026.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00027.jpg, hosted by
For the result, started off with Ai-chan. Unfortunately, Ai-chan plate weight more.

vlcsnap-00029.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00030.jpg, hosted by
Then Risa which weight way less than the perfect weight.

vlcsnap-00032.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00033.jpg, hosted by
LinLin got into the safe zone.

vlcsnap-00035.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00037.jpg, hosted by
Sayumi also got into the safe zone.

vlcsnap-00041.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00042.jpg, hosted by
Brother Tom nearly hit the safe zone. Unlucky for him.

vlcsnap-00043.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00044.jpg, hosted by
Sayumi had her winning prize.

vlcsnap-00045.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00046.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00047.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00048.jpg, hosted by
Same goes with LinLin. She's really good in cheering up the atmosphere.

vlcsnap-00049.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00050.jpg, hosted by
Next was a Christmas roll cake. "Bush Do Noir" ??

vlcsnap-00055.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00056.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00057.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00058.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00062.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00063.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00069.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00070.jpg, hosted by
Everyone took slices of the cake.

vlcsnap-00071.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00072.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00073.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00074.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00076.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00077.jpg, hosted by
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Then they weight their plates which saw Morning Musume team failed to get into the safe zone.

vlcsnap-00080.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00081.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00083.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00082.jpg, hosted by
But Brother Tom got his plate into the safe zone. Then he performed his victory dance.

vlcsnap-00084.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00085.jpg, hosted by
He ate the cake.

vlcsnap-00086.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00087.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00088.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00089.jpg, hosted by
Which made the girls felt jealous.

end of part one.

vlcsnap-00090.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00091.jpg, hosted by
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Next was a special segment called "Morning Musume Santa ga Yattekita". In this segment, Koharu and Mittsi went to a house and together with the parent of some kids they will surprise them.

vlcsnap-00094.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00095.jpg, hosted by
So they discussed their evil plan.

vlcsnap-00096.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00097.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00098.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00099.jpg, hosted by
Here's the victim captured through video by the parent. They sang and danced to Morning Musume concert. The boy was very funny but really he needs treatment.

vlcsnap-00100.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00101.jpg, hosted by
Some hidden camera were placed inside the house while Koharu and Mittsi watched from a room. Waiting to ambush the kids.

vlcsnap-00102.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00103.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00104.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00105.jpg, hosted by
So the kids got home and they had dinner together with papa and mama (the target was the girl).

vlcsnap-00106.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00107.jpg, hosted by
Then her father showed his picture with Koharu and Mittsi in his cellphone and called Koharu. It's part of the plan.

vlcsnap-00108.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00109.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00110.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00111.jpg, hosted by
So they get ready to surprise the girl.

vlcsnap-00112.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00113.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00114.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00115.jpg, hosted by
And there you go. Surprised little girl.

vlcsnap-00116.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00117.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00118.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00119.jpg, hosted by
She got a Christmas present. A Morning Musume DVD.

vlcsnap-00120.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00121.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00123.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00124.jpg, hosted by
They danced together. Even her mom joined them.
end of segment.

vlcsnap-00125.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00126.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00127.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00128.jpg, hosted by
Next episode (6th January): Finally... the got back into the studio.


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