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Haromoni@ [#017] 2007.07.29

Today's review is in Manglish. Today, the show can be divided into 2 parts. The 1st part they, had a we-eat-you-guess game with a guy. The 2nd part, they competed with some kids in rope skipping. Eri mysteriously went missing after 5 minutes of the show. There were some cute reactions from the girls.


Today's show started with Ai-Chan, Risa, Eri, Sayumi and Reina. Nice, they also lined-up according to their seniority. Eri mumbled something and gave us an amazing look.

Today's guest is a specialist that can analyze anything and give comments. Ermmm sort of. So the girls drew some trees and the guy will analyze their "purofairu".

Here's Ai-Chan's tree.

Risa's. The guy gave good comments on her.

And then the groups' Picasso. Again she gave an amazing look to the guy in return of good comments. But no, the guy likes Sayumi.

Here's Sayumi tree. Just put two eyes on it we will have an anime character.

Reina with her cute drawing. Although she had problem with her eyes, she can draw perfectly.933.gif

So then, the battle starts. Eri was sent off to drawing class. She's not there.

Here's everyone with their cutest look.
Winner: The guy of course!

The game is going to be like this. One of the girl will eat a very special soup made from 12 secret spices. The other 3 girls will eat some normal ramen and they have to act/response. At the end, the guy will choose one of the girl that he thinks ate the special soup.

The girls' introduction to the soup.

The girls are going to beta-taste the soup and going to discuss the strategy to trick the guy. So the guy was forced to close his eyes and ears.

Reina and Risa's reaction after they tasted the soup.

So this the battle started with the girls sat behind some cubicles.

Their fake reactions. Risa choked a bit.933.gif

Then the 2nd round.

The guy picked Reina as the person who ate the soup. But he's wrong. So Morning Musume Team won the battle.

Sayumi was the person who ate the soup.

The second part of the show where they will compete with some rope-skipping kids from the School of Rope Skipping. The crews recycled the props from the studio where they did the promotional performance.

Below is the profiles of some of the kids

Name: Asami Hiroku/Hiroko/whatever
Superhuman Ability: Can cross hands while skipping.

Codename: Cutmyhea
Superhuman Ability: Can skips with one leg at a time uuuuuuuu...

Codename: Mini Ishikawa Rika Hairdo Kid.
Superhuman Ability: Multiple skips in one jump. Her hands are faster than her legs.

Codename: TsunkupleasehavethiscutegirlinH!P
Superhuman Ability: Combination of the 3 girls above.

Morning Musume was given some time to sharpen up their skills in skipping.

Sayumi with her usagi ears. Bendable

I want the cute 4th girl to be the challenger but the 3rd girl was the challenger. She jumped 67 times while showing her superhuman ability before she exhausted.

Morning Musume team preparing for their giant jump rope. A sensei was there to give some tips and advices on how to jump. "Fasto, yu habu tu jumpo. Den, bendo yo lego. Ah-so!"

With the given montage, everyone can expect failure from Sayumi. So they gave her special training.

And as expected, she failed.

The team's rope skipping. Again, as expected, Sayumi failed the team after 17 jumps.

So here's the winner. They won the "Bucket Pudding". A very cheap thing to feed the kids.

Extra two picture without specific description showing the rope-skipping kids trying to get a spoon and dig the pudding.


Here's next week preview with Koharu and the 8th gen girls. With Jun Jun and Rin Rin, their communication with Chuugoku-jin will be easier. They played some Chinese Yo-yo. There's also the 5 girls team including Eri who met a boy with Rubik-solving ability.

The show ended with Onna ni Sachi Are PV.

Please teach me grammar.

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