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Haromoni@ [#039] 2008.01.06

vlcsnap-00013.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00043.jpg, hosted by
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The first show in 2008. They played some games which were quite interesting.

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Morning Musume was separated into 2 groups with Team A; Ai-chan, Reina, Sayumi, Mittsi and Linlin. Team B; Risa, Eri, Koharu and Junjun. With a lady as guest.

vlcsnap-00005.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00006.jpg, hosted by
They played a formality games and the prize was a new year's cake. The first game was on how to eat a hamburger in a restaurant.

vlcsnap-00008.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00010.jpg, hosted by
The contestants for this game was Ai-chan and Eri.

vlcsnap-00011.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00012.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00014.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00013.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00015.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00016.jpg, hosted by
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First was Ai-chan who keeps pulling the salads out of the hamburger and ate it.

vlcsnap-00019.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00020.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00021.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00022.jpg, hosted by
Then, Eri who tore up both sides of the wrapper.

vlcsnap-00023.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00024.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00026.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00027.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00028.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00029.jpg, hosted by
As she had difficulties to eat the thick hamburger, she then took half of the burger, bend it with a fork and it became what she called a mini-burger.

vlcsnap-00030.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00031.jpg, hosted by
Both received zero points.

vlcsnap-00033.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00034.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00035.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00036.jpg, hosted by
So a young lady showed the proper way which includes the opening of the wrapping, pressing the burger and how to eat the burger.

vlcsnap-00038.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00039.jpg, hosted by
Next was the "Wig Malfunction in a Train" game. The proper and polite way on how to make someone realize something happens to the wig. It was a game between Sayumi and Risa.

vlcsnap-00040.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00041.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00043.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00044.jpg, hosted by
First was Sayumi who can't resist from laughing.

vlcsnap-00045.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00046.jpg, hosted by
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Giving some impressions so that the guy realize his wig, until the wig fell off his head.

vlcsnap-00050.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00051.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00052.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00053.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00054.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00055.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00056.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00057.jpg, hosted by
Next was Risa who finally fixed the wig herself.

vlcsnap-00059.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00060.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00061.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00062.jpg, hosted by
The proper way is by doing some action until the man realized it's a hint for him. Both teams got zero points.

vlcsnap-00063.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00065.jpg, hosted by
Next was the game on how to eat corn at restaurant between Linlin and Koharu.

vlcsnap-00066.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00067.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00068.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00069.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00070.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00072.jpg, hosted by
Linlin picked the corn one by one and ate it.

vlcsnap-00073.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00074.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00075.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00076.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00077.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00078.jpg, hosted by
Koharu easily ate the corn with her bare hands.

vlcsnap-00079.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00081.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00083.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00082.jpg, hosted by
The proper way to eat the corn.

vlcsnap-00085.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00086.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00087.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00088.jpg, hosted by
Somehow Koharu got better point than Linlin, which increased Team B points by one.

vlcsnap-00089.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00090.jpg, hosted by
The next game was between Reina and Junjun on how to ask for some kids to sit down in a train.

vlcsnap-00091.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00093.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00094.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00095.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00096.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00097.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00098.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00099.jpg, hosted by
Junjun turned out to be an angry dragon!

vlcsnap-00102.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00103.jpg, hosted by
Writing new year's card.

vlcsnap-00106.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00108.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00109.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00110.jpg, hosted by
Between Eri and Mittsi, which Mittsi won for having more correct points needed.

vlcsnap-00111.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00113.jpg, hosted by
And lastly was the telephone conversation. This is between Reina and Risa

vlcsnap-00114.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00115.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00116.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00117.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00119.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00123.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00123.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00124.jpg, hosted by

vlcsnap-00125.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00126.jpg, hosted by
Which won by Risa for having all 3 correct points needed.

vlcsnap-00128.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00130.jpg, hosted by
Team B won the battle.

vlcsnap-00131.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00132.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00135.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00134.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00137.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00138.jpg, hosted by
And they had the cake.


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