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Haromoni@ [#040] 2008.01.13

vlcsnap-00030.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00007.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00023.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00053.jpg, hosted by
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vlcsnap-00001.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00002.jpg, hosted by
Morning Musume members except Koharu Kusumi and Mitsui Aika were on the show.
They watched some interesting show from what they call "Moutube" - Youtube clone.

vlcsnap-00003.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00005.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00005.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00007.jpg, hosted by
First video - a martial art guy who taught everyone how to shave your armpits easily using modified nunchucks.

vlcsnap-00010.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00012.jpg, hosted by
Then at an arcade he hit automated baseball using his nunchucks.

vlcsnap-00015.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00016.jpg, hosted by
Next video - a lady who uses her ears as castanets.

vlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00018.jpg, hosted by
A dog acting as a baseball player.

vlcsnap-00021.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00022.jpg, hosted by
A sound effect guy, having trouble with his shaver.

vlcsnap-00023.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00025.jpg, hosted by
A chikuwa serves as a musical instrument. The guy plays a SMAP song.

vlcsnap-00028.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00029.jpg, hosted by
A super-strong guy throwing and arranging the plastic rolls easily.

vlcsnap-00030.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00031.jpg, hosted by
Then, Risa showed her elastic thumb.

vlcsnap-00032.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00033.jpg, hosted by
Next was a manzai group.

vlcsnap-00034.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00035.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00036.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00038.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00037.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00039.jpg, hosted by
Next was a family of breakdancers. They expect the 46 years old father will execute some nasty power move, but he just did some footworks.

vlcsnap-00040.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00041.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00042.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00043.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00045.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00046.jpg, hosted by
Next they found Junjun and Linlin manzai act.

vlcsnap-00047.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00049.jpg, hosted by
Others were speechless...

vlcsnap-00050.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00051.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00052.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00053.jpg, hosted by
Senpai Sayu performs a Mario monomane which they found hillarious.

vlcsnap-00054.jpg, hosted by
Next was a 64 years old man playing violin with a vegetable.

vlcsnap-00055.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00056.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00057.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00058.jpg, hosted by
A man who thinks he's a "refurijeetaa".

vlcsnap-00059.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00060.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00062.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00063.jpg, hosted by
A karate kid breaking a baseball bat into two. They got the broken bat as a souvenir.

vlcsnap-00064.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00065.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00067.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00068.jpg, hosted by
Eri showed everyone how good she can play with her fingers.

vlcsnap-00070.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00071.jpg, hosted by
last video was some monomane with props.

vlcsnap-00072.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00074.jpg, hosted by
Somehow this video is everyone's favorite.

vlcsnap-00075.jpg, hosted by
So everyone can submit their video to Moutube. "All your video are belong to Halomoni".

vlcsnap-00076.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00077.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00078.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00079.jpg, hosted by
Before the show ends, Ai-chan performed her monomane.

PV preview of Abe Natsumi and Yajima Maimi's collaboration single at the show's end credit.



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