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Haromoni@ [#041] 2008.01.20

vlcsnap-00002.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00022.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00028.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00052.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00083.jpg, hosted by
The equality Viking game without Reina sitting at the last place.

vlcsnap-00001.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00002.jpg, hosted by
Today the played the equality viking game. But this time, any three person who got into the safe zone will make everyone win. Less than that, no one will have have any of the food.

vlcsnap-00003.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00004.jpg, hosted by
First on the menu was a pizza sponsored by Domino's Pizza.

vlcsnap-00006.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00007.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00009.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00010.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00011.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00012.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00013.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00014.jpg, hosted by
Everyone took their slices.

vlcsnap-00016.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00018.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00019.jpg, hosted by
Ai-chan didn't get into the safe zone, which is around 250-270 grams.

vlcsnap-00020.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00021.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00022.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00023.jpg, hosted by
Reina, slightly overweight. Beat the Max guy for giving the advices on the pizza but it was edited out.

vlcsnap-00024.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00025.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00026.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00027.jpg, hosted by
Next was the Max guy who got into the safe zone.

vlcsnap-00028.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00029.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00032.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00031.jpg, hosted by
Risa and Eri both did not got into the safezone.

vlcsnap-00035.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00036.jpg, hosted by
Next meal was some fresh foods with glutinous rice and seaweed.

vlcsnap-00038.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00039.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00041.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00042.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00043.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00044.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00045.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00046.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00047.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00048.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00049.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00050.jpg, hosted by
Everyone with what they took.

vlcsnap-00051.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00052.jpg, hosted by
Eri got into the safe zone. (230-250 grams)

vlcsnap-00053.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00054.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00055.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00056.jpg, hosted by
Risa and Reina didn't.

vlcsnap-00057.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00058.jpg, hosted by
Ai-chan got it.

vlcsnap-00059.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00060.jpg, hosted by
But the Max guy failed which result no one get the food.

vlcsnap-00061.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00062.jpg, hosted by
Finally, it was a fruit desert.

vlcsnap-00063.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00064.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00065.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00066.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00067.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00068.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00069.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00070.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00071.jpg, hosted by
There you go.

vlcsnap-00072.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00074.jpg, hosted by
Ai-chan's plate was overweight (186-206 grams)

vlcsnap-00075.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00076.jpg, hosted by
Reina got into the safe zone.

vlcsnap-00077.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00078.jpg, hosted by
The Max guy did not.

vlcsnap-00079.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00080.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00081.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00082.jpg, hosted by
Risa and Eri both got into the safe zone.

vlcsnap-00083.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00085.jpg, hosted by
Since 3 persons got into the safezone, everyone had their dessert.



  1. gomok said...
    well, that was boring.
    Anonymous said...
    for sure...whats so intresting about watching them divide food......seriously. =/
    artszfar said...
    Yeah, too boring. 25 minutes of your life wasted.
    ai_love_Mm said...
    bet the new rule was made cuz the girls hardly won the last few times

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