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Haromoni@ [#042] 2008.01.27

vlcsnap-00001.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00005.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00007.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00030.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00037.jpg, hosted by

vlcsnap-00001.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00002.jpg, hosted by
Everyone was in the show. The videos they watched are as follow:

vlcsnap-00003.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00004.jpg, hosted by
A swimmer who can swim in reverse and sideways.

vlcsnap-00005.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00006.jpg, hosted by
Someone who can spin balls with his finger.

vlcsnap-00007.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00008.jpg, hosted by
Koharu's mathematic solving ability.

vlcsnap-00009.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00010.jpg, hosted by
A man who can play recorders with his nose.

vlcsnap-00011.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00012.jpg, hosted by
A seal and a dog that can pull its own blanket.

vlcsnap-00013.jpg, hosted by
A person who can call her pet. -_-

vlcsnap-00014.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00015.jpg, hosted by
A man who does skipping using his stretched chewing gum.

vlcsnap-00016.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00017.jpg, hosted by
Fast undresser. This one can be found in youtube. booo

vlcsnap-00018.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00019.jpg, hosted by
A manzai group with bend-able thumb.

vlcsnap-00020.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00021.jpg, hosted by
Someone trying to drink using stretched straw.

vlcsnap-00022.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00023.jpg, hosted by
The same person again, inflating a swimming cap.

vlcsnap-00024.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00025.jpg, hosted by
A balancing man.

vlcsnap-00026.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00027.jpg, hosted by
A husband and wife who loves to spin ball.

vlcsnap-00028.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00029.jpg, hosted by
A thai kickboxing girl, kicking some vegetables.

vlcsnap-00030.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00031.jpg, hosted by
Junjun air floor gymnastic.

vlcsnap-00032.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00033.jpg, hosted by
Reina's acting.

vlcsnap-00034.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00036.jpg, hosted by
Sayumi's Y balance.

vlcsnap-00037.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00038.jpg, hosted by
vlcsnap-00039.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00040.jpg, hosted by
Gakikame shaping a sculpture. An easy trick.

vlcsnap-00041.jpg, hosted by TheImageHosting.comvlcsnap-00042.jpg, hosted by
The best video is the swimming guy. Ended with Buono! latest PV. More-tube next week.



  1. Anonymous said...
    how fast is koharu chan solving the problem? i wanna know.
    ai_love_mm said...
    sayumi's Y balance..........*ero mind at work* xD not a bad ep this time but still "moutube"
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